Bangers and prátaí with Guinness Onion Gravy


This dish is all about getting back to my Irish roots! It’s my version of bangers and mash, except I served the prátaí, (Irish for potatoes) quartered instead of mashed this time. I snuck a little Guinness in there to add a richness to the gravy and because I love any excuse to cook with Guinness!

It’s March! Yes, we had a bit of an ice storm yesterday, but it then warmed up to almost 40 degrees so we are making progress and Spring will be here before we know it! March means that everyone seems to get back to their Irish or wannabe Irish roots and that’s ok! The more the merrier! This dish will fill up your belly and warm your heart so it’s great on those chilly March days! So, take a look and give it a try! You won’t regret it!

“For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way –

Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.”

Author Unknown

Bangers and prátaí with Guinness Onion Gravy



14-28 oz of sausage. Next time, I will go for better quality sausage, but this Eckrich smoked sausage is what I had on hand. I used 21 oz.

2 lbs of red potatoes, washed.

11 oz Guinness beer. You could use beef broth here instead of Guinness if you prefer, but you’re missing out!

1 medium onion – sliced

2 TBS butter

1 garlic clove – minced

2 TBS flour

1/4 teas dried thyme

3 teas beef soup base dissolved in 2 C of boiling water

Kosher Salt and pepper to taste

1 teas dried or fresh parsley for garnish


Wash potatoes and cut out any eyes or spots but do not cut up the potatoes. Transfer the potatoes to a large pot and cover with water. Bring this to a boil. Once boiling, keep on medium – high heat for 15-20 minutes until potatoes are tender. Drain and set aside. I usually leave them in the strainer and cover it with a clean dish cloth to help keep them warm.


In a large skillet, add 1/2 bottle of Guinness beer and whole sausages. Boil this for around 3-5 minutes, rotating sausage.  Remove sausage and set aside, but keep whatever beer residue is left in the pan.

IMG_9090 IMG_9087

Add 2 TBS butter to the skillet and add onions and garlic. Saute over medium heat for a few minutes until onions begin to soften.

IMG_9091 IMG_9094

Add in flour and stir to distribute the flour through the onions. Continue to stir for a few minutes to thicken the roux.

IMG_9098 IMG_9100

Add in the remaining Guinness and bring to a frothy boil.


Boil for 2-3 minutes and then add in the beef soup base disolved in 2 C of boiling water. Stir and keep this on medium heat for 3-5 minutes until the gravy begins to thicken a bit. Add in thyme and salt and pepper to taste.

IMG_9105 IMG_9107

Quarter the potatoes and cover to keep warm. Slice the sausage and add back to the gravy.


Serve the sausage and gravy over top of the quartered potatoes.


Garnish with parsley.



4 thoughts on “Bangers and prátaí with Guinness Onion Gravy

      1. I made it tonight, Christy. I used the Guinness and we loved it! Our guest enjoyed it, too. She took home leftovers and we still have plenty for ourselves for tomorrow. I liked the peas with it and added a dish of my homemade frozen applesauce. Yum! Thanks for sharing this one.


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