Hello, my name is Christy. I am a wife, mother of three girls, lover of photography, dobermans, cooking, and creating new recipes. I decided to start a blog so that my recipes and creations are in one location to find instead of scribbles on notebooks shoved in drawers in my kitchen. I also decided to start a blog to help share those recipes, my thoughts, and just everyday nonsense of my life. My grandma Marie always kept a diary. Every day, she religiously wrote in those pages and when I was little, my cousins and I would sneak little peeks at them and giggle at her wit and humor and honest observances of life. After she passed, I was lucky enough to get her diary from the year I was born. I treasure that old book. I’ve read it a few times and I just love that connection I still have with her and can vividly picture her going through life that year with her candid entries. So this blog is also a place for me to share some of those same things and be able to look back and laugh at myself along the way.  Please continue to check back as I add new posts and try to figure this whole blog thing out.

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    1. Thanks Jason! I could not do no sugar for any longer length of time. Three weeks was brutal. But I think I learned to lower the sugar or make changes to swap out items to help lower carbs without feeling totally deprived.😃


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