George’s Spring Haircut

Our Georgie Boy was way overdue for a haircut so I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and gave him a little trim. I played with the time-lapse function on my iPhone and it was fun to shoot and put it together. I know my video editing needs a lot of work, but I enjoy learning it and trying to use more awesome photo functions on my phone.

Here’s the video:

George is our rescued terrier mix with a lot of hair and boy, he sheds like crazy. I had been meaning to get around to his haircut in the fall and it never did. Then winter came and since I do his cut outside, it was too cold for the “groomer” and it just never happened.

I don’t really have any formal training. When I was little, I used to give our miniature schnauzers their mid year trim and just followed the lines and typical schnauzer cut they received when they went to the groomer. In college, I worked as a veterinary assistant so I did some grooming on cats and dogs, although shaving a sedated cat is way different than shaving a moving dog. George freaks out when he has to go to the groomer and does not like the experience one bit. No treat or toy will entice him. He spits them out. He stiffens up and gives wild eye glares to the groomers and since they don’t know him, they are a little afraid he may bite their face off at any point. Not that he growls or becomes aggressive, but he becomes stiff as a board, tucks that tail in as far as it can go and can wiggle and wrestle that noose thing they have around his neck off. He especially doesn’t like to stand on their table, exposed for all the world to see. And he really dislikes the little window so the spectators can mock him from the stands as the groomer shaves that “potty patch,” as they call it.  So the trip to the groomer usually results in not much hair actually being removed, a lot of wrestling and probably sweating from the groomer, and a whole lot of anxiety for George. It’s just not worth it. So early on, I decided I would just take over those duties and add “dog groomer” to my mom resume.

His cut is not perfect and oh I’ve botched it a few times. One time I somehow shaved off way too much offof  his tail and he looked terribly odd until it grew out. One time I shaved down too close on one side and since his fur has different color variations, it looked like he had a stripe going down one side for months. But he’s patient with me and cooperates like a good boy most of the time.

I always use a guard when I use the clippers on him. It’s important we keep his beard and shaggy features. We love his little wiry beard. I don’t want his coat completely shaved, I just like to get rid of some of that outer fuzzy fur that likes to find its way onto our clothes and furniture. George is a solid little dog. He’s strong and just solid. He’s not fat, but the extra bulk of fur makes you think he’s bigger than he is. I think he looks like he’s lost 20 lbs or so from the haircut. Man, I wish I had that luck when I got a haircut! 🙂  He’s running around like a new young pup. He has a spring in his step and he knows he looks handsome! We love our George Costanza.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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