Emerging from Winter with Strawberry Lemon Shake Ups

For those in the midwest, northern, and eastern part of the US, we are getting to the homestretch of this winter! February is half over and that means March is almost here and that means spring is just around the corner! Who cares what that silly groundhog sees or doesn’t see! By the time February … More Emerging from Winter with Strawberry Lemon Shake Ups

Fruity Sangria

I decided to make my own sangria last weekend to go along with our Parking Lot Chicken. I’m not a big wine drinker at all. When I’m in the wine isle, I wish they had a category that was labeled “Newbie Wine.” ┬áIt’s not that I don’t really like it, I just like it super … More Fruity Sangria

Secret Ingredient Strawberry Smoothies

Are you wondering what the secret ingredient is? Here’s a hint, it’s a lovely little fruit that’s loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and helps keep your digestive system working like a champ. Any guesses? It’s prunes!! I sneak dried Sunsweet Prunes into my strawberry smoothies because they come with so many great healthy benefits. Plums or … More Secret Ingredient Strawberry Smoothies