Coconut Milk Is My Lifeline!


I’m going to post a 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) summary once I’m done with the program, but I just couldn’t wait another week to share this little lifesaver. So the detox is a little rough. I’m not going to lie, it’s really hard. The first week I wanted to quit every day. But I wouldn’t let myself. I had to give myself a pep talk and once I made it past the first week, I knew I could make it. So I won’t go into details about the plan but basically all sugar and artificial sweeteners are out. That includes natural sugar from fruit with the exception of either one green banana or one Granny Smith Apple per day which have very low sugar and are not very sweet to the taste buds. For me, this is the hardest part of the plan since I love fruit. But I can see the reason behind it. With removing almost all sugar – even fruit sugar, your taste buds begin to adapt and after a week or so, something that has the slightest sweetness like my new lifeline – coconut milk, can make all the difference in the world. Where has this been all my life? The coconut milk that I’m talking about, that is allowed in the 21DSD is unsweetened full fat coconut milk (usually found in the can). I found Goya brand for $1.80 per can at a local small grocery store.

First of all, I’m not a big nut for coconut! I didn’t expect to like the coconut milk, but I really like it. So even if you are like me and coconut is not one of your favorite flavors, pick up a can and give it a try. One of the areas where coconut milk is saving me from throwing in the towel is from my Coconut Milk Chocolate Shake. I played around with the ingredients a bit and found a concoction that works and tastes pretty great! Last night when my girls were enjoying their ice cream drumsticks and I was dreaming of a big hot fudge sundae, this Coconut Milk Chocolate Shake saved the day and kept me on my 21DSD track. No, it’s not quite the same as a big fat hot fudge sundae, but it curbed that ice cream and chocolate craving enough that I forgot about the sundae and my tummy was happy. This is not necessarily a low-calorie or fat-free type shake. That’s not what the 21DSD is about. There is around 434 Calories in the shake with the ingredients listed below including the heavy cream instead of almond milk. The focus of this recipe is very low sugar – around 5 g of sugar to be more specific. That’s pretty darn low! Get out your blender and give this one a whirl!

Coconut Milk Chocolate Shake

Ingredients – makes one 20 oz shake.


1 large scoop of ice cubes (around 1 1/2 C)

1 green banana

1/2 C coconut milk

1/8 C unsweetened almond milk or 1/8 C Heavy Cream

2 teas unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 C brewed coffee – optional (I recommend)


Add Ice Cubes to blender and blend until very fine. Add in banana and blend until smooth.


Add in all the remaining ingredients, adjusting liquids and ice if needed to desired consistency.



I had a little leftover so I poured it into a container and stuck it in the freezer. Tomorrow I’ll enjoy a little “ice cream!” YUM!

Here’s another idea for that versatile coconut milk – This idea I found on Pinterest and from others who are going through the 21DSD. Place the unopened can of coconut milk in the fridge (I like to just keep it in the fridge anyway so it’s nice and cold). It will harden up, separate, and create a kind of whipped cream on top. This is great in coffee or on top of a 21DSD dessert. The more liquid milk separated to the bottom of the can is great in the shake recipe listed above or in other tasty treats.




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