Making a Memories lamp and collage wall come together.

Have you ever had an idea of something in your head and you can envision it so perfectly, but when you try to execute that brilliant idea, nothing seems to work out? I’ve had plenty of those. I see all these perfectly organized pantries on Pinterest, but when I try to execute, I have mismeasured, … More Making a Memories lamp and collage wall come together.

The Coat

This weekend really felt like the weather decided to turn that corner and march straight into fall! I’m so excited! I love fall! I love the cooler temps. The brisk mornings. Making big pots of soup. Chili simmering while football is on. Snuggling up on the couch and “resting my eyes”  while football is on. … More The Coat

Are we there yet?

We just returned from a family vacation and it was a great one. As I was packing my stuff up for the trip, I realized that I’m a little high maintenance.  It takes a very large cosmetics bag, just for my skincare items.  I have a separate bag just for makeup and a few hair … More Are we there yet?


It’s Mother’s Day today! Let’s all take a moment to thank all the wonderful mothers in our lives and recognize just how special they are! My parents have been married almost 49 years! 49 years is a long, long time. One word that comes to mind when I think of my mom is Patience. She … More Patience!