Calling All Fellow Fruit Lovers: Mango Citrus Smoothie


I have lots of memories spending my summer days at our local community pool in our tiny little town. I’d spend hours at the pool and then come home for lunch and then go back to the pool for more fun. These days at the pool usually included a splurge on a frozen Snicker Bar from their snack stand. These weren’t the ice cream Snicker Bars that we know today. Oh no! These were the full fledge break-your-teeth frozen Snicker bars. Every time I eat a Snicker’s, which is not that often – I can’t help but think of those days spent at that pool! Those summers were also filled with huge slices of watermelon. I guess this love of watermelon came from my mom because I remember us sitting at our kitchen table, each enjoying a big ole slice almost daily. I couldn’t get enough watermelon or really any fruit as a kid. I’m happy that my girls also share this love of fruit!

My oldest loves mangos. She’s always wanting me to pick some up at the store. Although they are not my favorite fruit, they take me back to Mexico on our honeymoon. I remember each day a fresh fruit basket would be waiting in our room and there were always plenty of mangos. Since we enjoy smoothies a lot in our house, my oldest wanted a mango smoothie so that’s where this little smoothie idea came from. I combined the mango with fresh pineapple and frozen banana as well as a bit of OJ for liquid and it tastes wonderful! I didn’t measure anything when I threw it in the blender so bear with me on the amounts as I’m just estimating. I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake and I know I’m not alone. Fruit smoothies have natural sugar from the fruit which is way better than processed sugar, but it can still add calories and mess up your sugar level so this smoothie is not a daily smoothie in our house. It’s probably a once a week type smoothie or even less frequently. You could also help lower the sugar in this smoothie with using reduced sugar orange juice.

Mango Citrus Smoothie

Ingredients for one smoothie


1/2 C fresh pineapple chopped

1/2 frozen banana (you could use fresh too, but I prefer frozen)

1/3 of a fresh mango peeled and diced.

1 C of Orange Juice

A scoop of ice cubes (about 8-10 ice cubes)


Add all ingredients to a blender



Blend on high or puree setting until smooth.

Pour into glass and enjoy!



I sealed the remaining peeled and chopped mango and pineapple in separate pouches of Press and Seal and put them in the freezer. That way they are ready the next time we want a Mango Citrus Smoothie. She also takes the frozen mango pouches to school for a quick snack. I always keep peeled and chopped bananas in the freezer for other smoothies and breakfast goodies.


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