Monster Mash Muddy Buddies

Today is an exciting day for the girls! Our youngest has her little Halloween parade and party in preschool and our middle lady has her Harvest Party at the end of the school day! I will be there in her classroom helping out and thought a little Halloween themed Muddy Buddies would be a good treat. The girls are so excited that last night they could not sleep! So bedtime was a little delayed and writing this post was delayed a bit too! I also had to clean up the kitchen after making our Monster Mash Muddy Buddies! Say that three times fast!

Here’s a peek at my kitchen menu board today! Hee hee hee!



Most people are familiar with muddy buddies or puppy chow as it’s sometimes called. Either way, it’s some sort of cereal – usually a Chex variety that is coated with melted butter, chocolate and peanut butter. But wait, oh there’s more! Then those coated squares get dusted with powdered sugar and form one of the most addicting bad for you snacks ever! I remember as a kid, I’d sometimes get the urge to make a batch and probably didn’t clean up my mess! Now I know why I don’t let our oldest go to town in the kitchen without me right there! It’s a little bit of a messy snack to make, and eat, but it’s so darn good that who cares if your fingers are coated in sweet powdered sugar! Even the dogs came into the kitchen and got a little dusting!


Or maybe Zelda is a secret crime fighting drug sniffing dog when we all go to bed . . . Ha!

Monster Mash Muddy Buddies



9 C Chex Cereal (Rice, Corn, Chocolate or a combination). I used Rice -it’s my favorite.

1 C semi sweet chocolate chips

1/2 C peanut butter

1/4 C butter

1 teas vanilla

1 1/2 C powdered sugar

Whatever extras you want to add. I cleaned out some half empty bags of items from my pantry and bought a few special fall/halloween colored M & M varieties.

I used Mini Pretzels, Mini Marshmallows, Fall Colored M & M’s – milk chocolate and candy corn flavor, mini chocolate chips.

Measure out the cereal into a large bowl.

Add butter, peanut butter, and 1/2 C chocolate chips to a microwavable bowl.

(I made a double batch so that’s why there’s so much!)

Microwave for 30 seconds and then stir. Microwave for additional 30-45 seconds until smooth.

Add in the vanilla and stir.


Pour the chocolate mixture over the cereal and gently stir to combine.


In small batches, either use a large sealable bag or a brown paper sack and add in a little of the coated cereal with some of the powdered sugar.


Seal and shake until the cereal is coated. Lay the powdered sugar coated cereal unto wax paper or foil to cool down. (Remember I made a double batch)


Keep repeating this until all the cereal is coated. Sometimes you have to break up large chunks of the chocolate coated cereal and help it all get coated with the sugar. I used a brown paper sack this time and it worked well, but it did leak a little powdered sugar dust.

Once all the coated cereal is cooled, you can combine a little cereal and a little bit of all your other goodies in a large bowl or container and stir gently, adding more and more cereal and goodies until you have it all mixed. Store in an airtight container. I scooped mine into little baggies to take to the classroom.





I had a helper in the kitchen with me since this treat is for her class. As we were making these we were talking about some trouble she is having with one girl in her class. The girl will tell her that she’s not her friend, then tell all the other girls lies and try to get them to not be Lilly’s friend. Then the next day, the girl will decide she’s back at being Lilly’s friend and the cycle continues. I’ve told her many times, that she can’t let it get to her. She should surround herself with positive friends and focus on that instead of worrying about this girl and her light switch of a friendship. This girl wants to control the friendship and control all the friends that Lilly has. The manipulative mind games at this young age are just mind boggling. It’s bullying and controlling and I want my ladies to grow up confident and secure about what are and what are not true friend behaviors. So we sang and did a little Taylor Swift Shake it Off dance to shake off the rough day while we coated our Muddy Buddies. I love her little toothless smile!


So here’s to a great day today, a happy and safe Halloween and to remember to Shake it off!

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