More Please! Repost of BBQ Chicken Wraps (Quick Meal with a Whole Lot of YUM!)

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last week. Getting three ladies all set for school, finishing last-minute summer projects that are on my list, and spending a few days camping and at the beach with family were my priorities. With back to school starting, I know I’m not alone when a quick, but satisfying meal is essential to surviving those busy weeknights. This recipe will deliver lots of taste, and the wraps can be made in less than 30 minutes if you are crunched for time. Honestly, I don’t measure anything for it. You can throw it together even quicker if you do the meat and sauce ahead of time, or if you are having this as leftovers. It’s one of my family’s favorite meals and I know yours will love it too. So here’s a repost of this recipe that I shared last fall. Be sure to add it to your back to school menu!

I love a good wrap. I like them filled to the brim and overflowing with a great protein, lots of flavorful dressing of some sort, lots of fresh veggies and a little crunch surprise mixed in. This BBQ chicken wrap is inspired by the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap at Red Robin. Now that I can make my own version, we rarely go to Red Robin and my craving for the wrap is put to rest in the comfort of our own home and for a lot better price! And according to my husband, who is not biased at all, Red Robin’s wrap doesn’t even compare to mine! I know back home, a Red Robin recently opened up. I challenge you to make this wrap yourself, and then next time you are at the restaurant, order the wrap and compare. I bet you’ll prefer your own homemade version and you can modify with low carb wraps, omit the cheese, increase the veggies – whatever you need to do when you make this at home so everyone is happy!

Red Robin’s wrap comes in a spinach wrap, which is what I normally use and is what my girls prefer. For some reason, my nearby go to store (Meijer) has not carried them for the last few months. They have had all the other varieties, but not the spinach. I think sometimes they like to mess with my head! At the checkout, when the employee asks if you found everything ok. Most times, I find MORE than enough, but once I mentioned that I could not find these spinach wraps on this visit, or previous visits in the last months and mentioned that  I wondered if they had stopped carrying them. She just said she wasn’t sure and kept scanning my items. Not the best customer service, that’s for sure, but I knew I could get them at a different store. When I can’t find the spinach ones, I like to use the Jalapeño Cheddar Mission wraps. Lots of times, I serve our wraps with chips and guacamole. Sometimes with some sort of salad, and if we have time, I’ll make oven fries or oven roasted potatoes which we all love. Be sure to check out the guacamole recipe and the oven roasted potatoes.


BBQ Chicken Wraps

Makes 4 wraps


Ingredients for wraps
Ingredients for wraps
BBQ rub
BBQ rub

Large Tortilla style wraps. I like Mission Spinach flavor or Jalapeño Cheddar flavor

4 boneless chicken breasts.

2 TBS veg, canola oil, or olive oil

1 C Salad topping tortilla strips. I like the tri color. These are usually found in produce area with croutons or nuts toppings for salads or by the salad dressing. You could also make your own like I did in a pinch. You could also just crunch up some tortilla chips too.

1/3 C ranch dressing. I used Ken’s.

1/3 C plus 2-3 more TBS BBQ sauce. I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory Brown Sugar

1 C shredded cheese

1 C diced tomatoes

1 C Romaine lettuce – chopped

1 TBS BBQ seasoning or rub. I used Corky’s BBQ rub

Kosher salt or sea salt and ground pepper


Some crunchy, tangy cole slaw would be a great addition to the wrap!

I add bacon to the wraps if I happen to have some already cooked and waiting in the fridge,         calling my name! Just chop it up and add it as you fill the wraps.

You could also just omit the tortilla, double the lettuce, add in more greens and just have this as a great salad and low carb option. Just add the cooked, sauced chicken to the salad, toss in the cheese, tomatoes, crunchies (if desired), and drizzle a little of the BBQ Ranch mixture on as dressing!


Season chicken with salt, pepper and BBQ rub.

If making your own tortilla strips, take one tortilla wrap and cut it into small strips. Fry the strips in the 2 TBS of oil. Remove from oil, drain on paper towel and season with salt. Set aside.

homemade crunchy tortilla strips
homemade crunchy tortilla strips. Save yourself the trouble and just buy them ready made.

In a small bowl, combine the 1/3 C BBQ Sauce and 1/3 C ranch dressing

BBQ sauce and ranch mixed together
BBQ sauce and ranch mixed together

In the same pan with remaining oil, cook chicken on medium heat until cooked thoroughly. Once cooked, slice into strips against the grain of the meat. Add chicken back to the pan and add in 2-3 TBS of BBQ sauce and about 1 – 2 TBS of water and keep on low heat.

sizzling chicken, seasoned with salt, pepper, and Corky's BBQ rub
sizzling chicken, seasoned with salt, pepper, and Corky’s BBQ rub
Cooked, sliced, and BBQ sauce and a little water added.
Cooked, sliced, and BBQ sauce and a little water added.

Roll up tortillas in damp paper towel and microwave for 20 seconds or steam in tortilla steamer.

Spoon about 2 TBS of the BBQ sauce/Ranch mixture onto the tortilla and spread out with a spoon.

Layer on the BBQ chicken (about 1 breast per wrap)

Top chicken with 1/4 C cheese, 1/4 C tomatoes, 1/4 C lettuce and 1/4 C tortilla strips.

layering it up
layering it up
Jalapeño and cheddar tortilla (my new favorite)
Jalapeño and cheddar tortilla
Wrap folding instructions on back of tortilla wrap package
Wrap folding instructions on back of tortilla wrap package

Fold up your wrap and slice in half on the diagonal.

Spinach tortilla


The finished wrap
The finished wrap

Cheers to a great back to school transition as we begin another school year!

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