Cilantro Jalapeno Ranch Dip – Yes Please!


You may have seen this dip or a version of it before if you’re searching dip ideas on Pinterest or other recipe sites. It’s simple to make and can be used as a dip, as a spread on wraps or sandwiches, on a burger (like my Stuffed Burger) or can be thinned out and used as a salad dressing. You can easily adjust the heat in this dip by adjusting the amount of jalapeños or adding more or less sour cream and mayonnaise to balance it out. A little warning, be careful when opening and washing your food processor when you make this. The jalapeños can create quite a strong gas that escapes when you open the hatch and knocks you right in the back of the throat for an endless coughing fit. Not that I’ve had that happen to me 😉 I made this to take to our very first Notre Dame tailgating adventure a few years ago! It was a hit. Not sure if all of those Irish fans remembered eating it by the end of the day, but they sure liked it and my platter was empty! And I think it compliments the traditional Harvey Wallbanger that our friends always serve at their tailgate.


Cilantro Jalapeno Ranch Dip



1 Bunch of Cilantro. I remove most of the stems.

3-6 Jalapeños – depends on however hot you like it. I used 4. I remove most of the the ribs and seeds.

1 packet of ranch dressing mix

1 C mayonaise

1 C sour cream

You can always increase the mayo and sour cream to calm the heat down a bit if you like.

Veggies, Tortilla Chips, Crackers – whatever you are going to serve with the dip. As I said before, It’s great on wraps and sandwiches. It would be an awesome topping to a jalapeño burger too! You can add some milk to it to thin it out to make a sassy salad dressing or taco topping.


Pretty simple here. Add Jalapeños to the food processor, Pulse until finely chopped. Careful when opening that hatch!


Add in the cilantro and pulse until well chopped.


Transfer the chopped jalapeños and cilantro to a bowl. Add in the sour cream, mayonnaise, and ranch dressing mix.


Stir to combine.


Best if chilled for an hour or so so flavors blend. Keeps for up to 5 days in the fridge. You may need to give it a stir as it may separate a little.


Make this dip, do a little jig, bring some flavor and sass to your kitchen!


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