Homemade Natural Makeup Remover


For a little while I had been wanting to make my own natural makeup remover, not only to save money but also because it’s better for your skin. I researched a little bit on Pinterest and online, reading what users liked, didn’t like and the benefits of each ingredient and made my first batch last week. Overall, it was a success. I had planned on making eye makeup remover solution and also eye makeup remover pads. When I first used the pads for my eye makeup, I liked it so much that I decided to just use a second pad to clean my entire face so that’s why I’m calling it Natural Makeup Remover and not just Eye Makeup Remover. They are very versatile and the natural solution seems to handle both waterproof and fiber lash mascara without any problems. My two oldest daughters were excited to help with this and they can’t wait for me to make more products like this. Just wait, there will be more!

You will want to decide what kind of container you want to keep your Natural Makeup Remover in. You can have it in a bottle and just apply to dry cotton ball, pad, or Q tip and use it that way, or you can soak the face pads and keep them in the solution and use them as needed. I did both, and I found a plastic container to fit the soaked pads for travel since I used a glass jar to hold the majority of the soaked pads. The squeeze bottle is nice, because you can use whatever amount needed, I find this works nicely for when I accidentally get mascara on my upper eyelid while applying. Just a little drop or two on a Q tip and it fixes the mess up. You can also use this solution to soak a roll of select a size paper towels that have been cut in half mid in the middle through the entire roll. Once the roll is soaked, you remove the cardboard center and the towels should kind of dispense as you pull off one at a time. This would take more solution than my recipe below and I did not try this yet, as I wanted just the small pads this time, but I may try this in the future and will update you on how that works out.

Containers – I found the squeeze bottle in the travel section of Meijer Health and Beauty department. You could wash an old beauty bottle or small lotion bottle that you have and use that. I found the glass jar in the home/kitchen area at Meijer. A mason jar would work nice, or an old jelly jar. Or if you want to stick with plastic, any plastic reusable container like Ziplock or whatever would work. You could also use a small cleaned sour cream or butter tub, anything that size as long as they have a lid. If you want to get all fancy, you could print out pretty little labels to hide your Daisy Sour Cream on the front.


The Tea Tree Oil in the Natural Makeup Remover is to help prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew from forming in the solution. Since there are no chemicals to kill off this stuff, the Tea Tree Oil is a natural way to prevent this. Be careful though, if you have never used Tea Tree Oil before, it is some strong stuff! 2 Drops in the recipe is all it needs and any more than that may cause the solution to sting a little as you use it to remove eye makeup remover. 2 Drops is perfect, does not burn or sting but you can definitely smell that Tea Tree Oil doing it’s job in the solution. Even if you don’t wear makeup you should still wash your face, so this would be a great and fast way to clean your face naturally every day. The coconut oil and the natural oils in the soap help to moisturize your face so it’s not as drying as when using cleansers with alcohol or other chemicals. I like to use the soft side of the pad first, removing eye makeup and then face makeup (using a second pad if needed) and then using the textured side of the pad for a little gentle exfoliation.

Be picky when selecting your liquid soap. You want something natural, otherwise it defeats the purpose of making this Natural Makeup Remover. A lot of different websites and blogs I found where others had made their own makeup remover and eye makeup remover used Johnson and Johnson Baby wash or soap. That stuff is far from natural. Look at the ingredients on the label. A natural soap may cost a little more, but you are only using 1 TBS of soap per batch so it should last a while and you will surely find other uses for it on yourself, family members, or pets. The bottle I bought for this was around $10 from Meijer Baby Section. I liked it because of the ingredient list and what it did not have in it, but also for the added natural moisturizers in the soap.  Next time when I need to get more, I may pick up some Honest Baby wash that I saw at Costco a couple of days ago and give it a try. I already had the organic, unrefined coconut oil on hand since my dogs get it daily and I use it for other things, but it also came from Meijer in the cooking oil section and was around $6 or $7.

IMG_9240 IMG_9232 IMG_9238

Natural Makeup Remover

Makes about 1 C of solution. I made two batches to fill all three of my containers.


1 C Bottled Water

1 TBS Organic Coconut Oil

1 TBS liquid natural face or baby soap

2 drops of Tea Tree Oil

In a small pan, heat water on stove over low – medium heat. Add in Coconut Oil, liquid soap, and Tea Tree Oil. Stir to combine and once Coconut Oil is melted, remove from heat and allow to cool.


Once the solution is cool, you can either pour or ladle it into a squeeze bottle container. You may want to use a funnel if using a squeeze bottle so you don’t spill. If you want your pads to remain soaked in the solution, just fill up your container with pads and then pour the solution over the pads. I squeeze out excess solution before using the pads on my eyes I feel like they are little messy and too liquidy if I do not wring them out a little.

IMG_9213 IMG_9247

The solution may separate a little as it sits. Just give it a gentle shake before using. Since there is Tea Tree Oil to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew, this solution should last for 6 months. I would discard, wash and start with new solution after that.


And here’s how it worked on me. Keep in mind, I had on fiber lash mascara, waterproof eyeliner, eye shadow primer and eye shadow. Yes, I like makeup 🙂 I used one pad, squeezed out excess liquid back into the container, then let the soft side of the pad sit on my eye lid for 15-20 seconds. Then I gently wiped, using the soft part of the pad to remove the eye makeup. As I said before, the textured side of the pad is great for a little exfoliation of the face after you use the soft side to cleanse.

Makeup on both eyes.
Makeup on both eyes.
Using the Natural Makeup Remover on my Right Eye.
Using the Natural Makeup Remover on my Right Eye.
Took my eye makeup off with no problems.
Took my eye makeup off my right eye with no problems.
No, I didn’t lose any lashes, those are the natural fibers from my fiber lash mascara.

Give it a try! You can do it!

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