Minion Valentine Box for my little minion


My youngest loves her minions and requested a Minion Valentine box for her preschool valentine party. I did a little searching on Pinterest and found some great ideas.

I started with a shoe box (actually a small boot box) and cut out the opening for the mouth. Then I cut an opening in the back that can open so she can retrieve all her little valentine’s out of the box.

I decided to just use yellow Duct tape instead of messing around with paint or covering the box with paper.

I cut out little teeth and my daughter painted them white and I taped them on the inside.

We made some bib overalls out of some foam hearts that I picked up at the grocery store. I’m sure we will find uses for the 30 or so foam hearts that came in the package. 🙂 My daughter added a little pocket to the overalls with more foam.

Mae added some buttons on the overalls to complete her outfit.

I used hot glue to attach the foam to the box and cut out little overall straps with the foam and glued them. I made little arms with paper and attached them with Duct tape. Little mitten shaped hands with black construction paper.


For the eyes, I just cut out white paper and then drew the eyes and used construction paper for the pupil. I used a toilet paper roll cut into fourths and covered with aluminum foil for the glasses. I used black construction paper for the black ear pieces. I used hot glue to glue on the glasses and eyes.


The hair was my little minion’s favorite part. She wrapped the pink pipe cleaners around her finger and then I hot glued them to the top of the box so they looked like crazy minion curls.


We added a little bow that we made out of the foam.

For the back hatch area, I added a little velcro so it would be more secure and she wouldn’t lose any of those special valentines.

So it was easy to get a little inspiration and starting point for my minion’s Minion Valentine Box. There are some pretty crafty people out there! Hopefully this will inspire you!


Happy crafting!


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