Yard sized Yahtzee game!


Last month when we were visiting my parents. My dad was finishing up a little project that he and mom had worked on. Well, she had given him the idea, bought the supplies and a “Honey Do List.” He had made a yard sized Yahtzee game and wanted to finish it up in time for 4th of July cookouts and get togethers so the kids could enjoy it.


It was very easy to do and requires only a few supplies. He bought a square post that he cut down into five equal sided cubes. He drilled out the indentions for the dots on the dice with a flat drill bit. I painted the dots with a black enamel paint marker. Mom picked up some clip boards at the Dollar Store and some Yahtzee score cards.

I wasn’t there for the cutting or sanding process, so I don’t have pictures, but basically he cut the post down so that it made cubes. Then he clamped them in a vice and used a belt sander to smooth the edges a bit. He kept the wood natural, but you could stain it, or paint the dice in bright fun colors.

He drilled his holes for the dots. You could easily just use a sanding block and paint the dots if you don’t want to get out the power tools. The Enamel paint marker worked great for filling in all the dots.



The kids had fun playing together, but I didn’t get a chance to grab a couple of pictures.


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