Good ole homemade Chex Mix


A few weeks ago, my mom and I were visiting my friend Ashleigh and her parents and when we got there, Ashleigh was making Chex Mix! It smelled great and I couldn’t wait to dive into the warm, crunchy good stuff! So that got me thinking about Chex Mix. I’ve made the Muddy Buddies version many times, but never made the original Chex Mix so my mom and I bought the stuff and I threw it together one night when I was back home for a visit. Every American knows what Chex Mix is, but I have some readers from abroad that may have never heard of this concoction of a snack so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Chex Mix is a spring board for your imagination and taste buds and you really can’t go wrong with whatever you want to add into it. At our friend’s house, we all munched away while the kids played in the pool. My friend and her mom say Kix Cereal makes it great for them and they remember having it made with bacon grease instead of butter by Ashleigh’s grandparents! I knew mine would have to have some sort of sweetness since I love sweet and salty combinations so M&M’s were going to be on my list of ingredients for sure! If you need ideas, you can follow the Original Chex Mix recipe that is on pretty much all varieties of Chex cereal. I’ll post it below and write the ingredients I used in my version below it as well so you have an idea of what I used. I kinda gave up on measuring, but I’ll try to give estimates of the amounts.

Chex Mix Orginal Recipe

3 C Corn Chex Cereal

3 C Rice Chex Cereal

3 C Wheat Chex Cereal

1 C Mixed Nuts

1 C Bite Sized Pretzels

1 C garlic flavored or regular flavored bite sized bagel chips or regular sized bagel chips broken into pieces

6 TBS butter or Margarine

2 TBS Worcestershire Sauce

1 1/2 teas seasoned salt

3/4 teas garlic powder

1/2 teas onion powder

Christy’s Chex Mix

This makes enough to open your own concession stand at the movies (around 2 gallons of Chex Mix)



3-4 C Corn Chex Cereal

3-4 C Rice Chex Cereal

3-4 C Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal

1/2 bag of tiny twist pretzels

3/4 of a large bag of oyster crackers

two 10 oz containers of mixed nuts

1/2 C salted peanuts – not pictured. I threw them in at the last minute. Can’t have too many nuts!

1 large bag of M&M’s

10 TBS of unsalted butter

4 TBS Worcestershire sauce

1 teas seasoned salt

1 teas garlic powder

1/2 teas onion salt


Preheat Oven to 250 degrees F

Combine all dry ingredients except for M & M’s in a large bowl.


Melt butter in microwave safe bowl. Add in all spices and Worcestershire sauce and mix well into melted butter.


Pour the melted butter and spices into the dry ingredients in small increments, stirring well to evenly coat the dry ingredients.


Spread the mixture out onto large baking sheets or roasting pans in an even layer.


Bake for 60 minutes in the oven, stirring every 15 minutes. Stirring important – do not skip it!



After it has baked for an hour, remove from the oven and set aside to cool. I just let it cool in the pans, but the original directions say to lay out on paper towels to cool. I don’t think that’s needed unless for some reason, you have too much butter mixture and it’s greasy. Mine wasn’t greasy at all and did fine cooling in the pans. I had to test it out while it was still warm – oh my!

Once it’s cooled, add the M & M’s and gently stir.


Transfer to your serving bowl or trough and munch away!


Keeps well in an airtight container for a few weeks!


Perfect for family movie night snacking. We watched Summer Rental!



A big Thank You to Ashleigh and Vicki for the inspiration and flipping on a little Chex Mix lightbulb in my brain!

And guess what, I still have some of the Rice and Corn Chex leftover so looks like Muddy Buddies will be made soon in our house! My oldest will be so excited – she loves it!

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