Grilled Corn On The Cob


Summer is officially here! Well, it will be here for my family tomorrow at 2:20 PM thanks to those darn snow days. I know one of our favorite summer treats is fresh sweet corn. Grilled sweet corn helps keep your kitchen cool in the summer. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen messing with a huge pot of boiling water on a beautiful summer day? Also, if you have the grill hot for your meat, you might as well throw the corn on there too to speed up your cooking time. Grilling the corn, gives it a great deeper flavor and you don’t have to worry about soggy overcooked corn if you’ve ever forgotten it on the stove (like me). Go ahead, give this simple recipe a try!

Grilled Corn On The Cob


Corn – little farm stand, fresh from a local farm is the best!


Salt and Pepper

or you can make a nice spiced butter rub to kick up the flavor. See recipe below.


Peel back the corn husks, remove the silk and clean the ears of corn with a damp paper towel, but leave the husks attached. Cover ears again with the husks.


Soak corn in husks in a bowl or pot of cold water for 15-20 minutes prior to cooking.


Heat up your grill.

Remove corn from the water and shake gently to remove excess water.

Place corn on the grill husks and all. Cook over medium heat for about 20 minutes. Turn every 4-5 minutes.


Make your Spiced Butter Rub if using.

Once cooked, remove from grill. You could either quickly peel back the husks and discard before serving, or just serve the corn with the husks still on and let your guests peel back the husks. This helps to keep the corn warm. You may want a bowl or plate on the table for the discarded husks.


Serve with Butter and Salt and Pepper or use the Spiced Butter Rub recipe below.


Spiced Butter Rub: (enough for 6 ears of corn)


1/2 teas Cumin

1/2 teas Garlic Powder

1/4 teas chili powder

1/2 teas Salt

1/2 teas Pepper

5 TBS butter

Soften butter and mix spices in. Brush on corn just before eating.






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