No Privacy Chicken Caesar Wrap


The other night, I was putting laundry away after I put our girls to bed. I was kind of killing time until they were asleep so I could take a nice relaxing hot bath in peace with no little visitors. They seem to have a “mommy’s in the bathtub or shower” radar. Any time I want to try to take a hot soak, here they come barging in needing help getting those ridiculously tight clothes back onto fake proportioned Barbie, starving of hunger and needing help getting a snack right then, Mom, where is that shirt that I desperately need right this second? My favorite is when my youngest just strips down and charges into the bathroom and starts climbing in the tub with me. Somehow getting undressed and dressed in the morning is such a chore and she needs help, but the second she hears bath water running, she’s usually tearing off her clothes and running in there before you even plug the drain. You’re probably thinking, why don’t I just lock the door. Well, when my husband is not home, I really can’t do that. What if they really do have an emergency and need me? What if I pass out in the tub and need them to call for help? I know I think too much! So I usually just try to sneak in there when they are all occupied or try to shoo them out. So once they were asleep, or so I thought… I started the bath water. Of course, their radar went off and not one, not two, but all three were in there at one point. Just have to have a drink, just have to pee for the 3rd time in an hour. The days are long, but the years are short. Remember that wise quote a friend once told me? I again keep saying it to myself as my relaxing bath just flew out the window along with all the warm air in the bathroom thanks to the revolving door they left wide open. Can you relate?

In that brief few minutes of my bath, I was thinking about wraps. I think about food a lot! I’m a lot like my dad in that way. He’s already thinking about dessert with dinner before even having breakfast. I just really enjoy wraps and wanted to do some sort of caesar wrap with lots of crunch, chicken, and of course parmesan cheese in there too. I really like my wraps to have a good crunch to them and I love using those wonton strips you can find in the produce area or salad topping area at the grocery store. If you are a fan of croutons, you could substitute the wonton strips with croutons which would be even more characteristic of a traditional caesar salad.  I made myself this wrap tonight, and this is one of those crazy week nights where we are rushed with homework, chores, and eating supper early so we can get out the door to church youth group. Since my chicken was already cooked and waiting in the fridge, this wrap took around 5 minutes to throw together and I scarfed it down in another 5 minutes, all while taking photos of my process. Notice, my wrap is not very neat and tidy and there are no photos of my piggy face! I’d say it is a quick meal that fits in great for a busy week night for sure! It’s tested and busy momma approved! If you are not a fan of caesar dressing, you could easily substitute a good parmesan dressing or even ranch, but I love the zing of a good caesar. It’s not a fancy meal, but it hits the spot and is quick to make so give the Chicken Caesar Wrap a try!


Romaine, Chicken (warmed), Parmesan cheese, wonton strips, sliced almonds.


Give it a quick toss


You could use Marzetti’s light Caesar vinaigrette dressing for a lighter option.


Add in a little dressing and gently toss to coat.


I dampen a few paper towels and roll the tortillas up in them. Microwave for 20 seconds until warm.
I dampen a few paper towels and roll the tortillas up in them. Microwave for 20 seconds until warm.
Spoon the goodies into the warm tortilla. Drizzle a little more dressing.


Roll it up and enjoy!
Roll it up, slice, and enjoy!

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Ingredients for one awesome wrap:

1 1/2 C Romaine lettuce. Washed and chopped. I think freshly washed works well because the added moisture helps keep your wrap juicy. No one likes a dry wrap.

3/4-1 C cooked chicken. Mine was cooked in the oven with a little salt and pepper and olive oil. I had set it aside when I made chicken and noodles the night before. I knew I’d make something with it. This can either be cold in the wrap, or heated up. I like mine warmed up. Here’s a trick if you’re microwaving cold cooked chicken. Add a few teas of water to it and cover with paper towel before microwaving. This helps keep it moist.

2 TBS sliced almonds

3 TBS shredded parmesan or parmesan blend cheese. I used a Parmesan/Romano/Asiago blend.

3 TBS wonton strips or croutons

2-3 TBS Caesar dressing

1 large tortilla style wrap. I used Mission Spinach flavor. Warm up tortilla just before filling for easier folding/rolling.



Combine the lettuce, chicken, almonds, wonton strips, and shredded cheese in a bowl. Toss gently.

Add in around 2 TBS of caesar dressing and again toss gently to coat.

Warm tortilla and spoon the filling into the wrap. Drizzle on another TBS or so of dressing.

Roll up the tortilla. Yes, there’s a lot to cram in there. You can do it! Slice on the diagonal and you are ready to eat!





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