Slow Cooker and Oven Pulled Pork

Smoking pork is my preference, but sometimes it’s -5 Degrees out or you just don’t have a grill or smoker.

Here are some ideas for cooking a pork roast in a slow cooker or in oven:

You will definitely have to use a smaller pork roast if using a slow cooker I’d say 5 lb max.


What you’ll need:

4-5 lb pork roast either butt roast or picnic shoulder if using slow cooker, larger roast if using oven.

1 medium-large onion, quartered

3 garlic cloves, minced

2-3 TBS olive oil or veg oil

1 can low sodium beef broth or 2 low sodium beef bullion cubes dissolved in 1 1/2 C boiling water

a good rub to cover the roast. See recipe below for the one I used.


My Pork Rub:

3/4 C light brown sugar

4 TBS Kosher Salt

2 TBS Chili powder

1 TBS Garlic powder

2 TBS Steak Seasoning (I used Aldi Stonemill Essentials Steak Seasoning)

1 TBS Ground Cumin

2 Teas black pepper

2 Teas Onion powder

Mix all ingredients together. I used every bit of this rub for the 11 lb pork shoulder, getting in all those lovely crevices. If your pork roast is smaller, then I would make half the amount of rub.



Wash the meat and pat dry. You can also trim off execs fat if you desire, but I just leave it on and cook it with fat side down.

Apply the rub to the meat, making sure to get into the nooks and crannies.

In the biggest and heaviest pan you have, heat up some oil and sear the roast 2-3 min per side until it gets a good crust on it. I would use a Dutch Oven type pot if you have one. You’ll have to hold it with tongs to make sure all sides get an equal sear. It would be great if you have a big cast iron dutch oven type pot to do the searing and oven cooking in, less clean up for you. You could also use a large roasting pan in the oven after searing the meat in a pan on the stove.

Quarter an onion and mince three garlic cloves and add half of that to your big pot or your slow cooker if going that route. Place the seared roast on top of the onions and garlic with fat side down and add the remaining half of the onions and garlic on top of the roast.

Pour the can of beef broth or bullion cube dissolved in water over the top and sides of the roast.

Place lid and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours or high for 6 to 8 hours if using a slow cooker. Be sure to check the temperature to make sure the meat is 195 Degrees for fall apart tender meat. If using oven, bake at 250 Degrees for 4 to 6 hours uncovered until meat thermometer reads 195-200 degrees. Ovens all vary so it may take longer or shorter, just use a meat thermometer to make sure you are reaching the proper temperature. 195-200 degrees for finished meat temp means the proteins and fat have broken down and the result is a very tender and juicy hunk-o-meat. Make sure to reserve some of those drippings to make something yummy like pork gravy or add to Pulled Pork Stew with Green Chilies to enhance the flavor.

Once the meat reaches 195-200 degrees, remove from the oven and remove from the dutch oven or roasting pan and cover with foil to let it rest.

Once the meat has rested for minimum of 10 min, shred it with a fork or two.

You can serve with sauce on the side on Pulled Pork Sandwiches, or check out my other recipe ideas for using leftover pulled pork.

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